How to Create your Photo Gallery

Jeanne Rich Nichols

This method can be used to upload large images from your computer and it will automatically re-size the large image and also create a small thumbnail size image as well. If you do not have a computer and want to send me copies of your photos, I will make a gallery for you... Contact Ralph.


1. First you must Log in then go to:

2. Enter a "Title". This should be something like The Fine Family Photo Gallery or Ralph Manis & Ellen Mackenzie's photo gallery.

3. In the body, enter the some text that describes your gallery Example. The Fine family photo gallery with photos from the entire family.

4. Scroll down to "Add a new file" and click Browse to find an image on your computer. Double click on the image to select and hit "Upload". Repeat this process until all your images have been uploaded.

5. Scroll down and click "Save" Once your gallery has been created you can add more images and make changes by clicking on "Edit".

6. Once you have created your gallery contact me so, Ican add your gallery address to the Gallery page.


That's it! If you need any help... Contact Ralphie

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